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Weird and Wonderful Wines

Fri 20th Sep, 7pm

9 fascinating wines from unusual sources
Click for details

Refuse Lorry for Domestic Waste

Sat 21st Sep, 8am

For non-compostable things
Click for details

Refuse Lorry for Domestic Waste

Sat 21st Sep, 9:40am

For non-compostable things
Click for details

What's in Glendas Box....

Sat 21st Sep, 8:30pm

Come and find out
Click for details

Merry and Bright Club

Tue 24th Sep, 12pm

Outing to Eastbourne
Click for details

The Benenden Revue: for one night only

Sat 28th Sep, 7:30pm

Comedy and songs from Benenden stars
Click for details

Cornhole tossing

Sat 28th Sep, 8:30pm

Come and try your luck
Click for details

Thank You garden party for Christian Aid collectors...

Sun 29th Sep, 3pm

... and Benenden Fete helpers
Click for details

Benenden Farmers and Craft Market

Tue 1st Oct, 9am

Local produce and crafts
Click for details

Northiam Bonfire Procession & Fireworks

Sat 5th Oct, 7:30pm

A real Sussex Bonfire - near you!
Click for details

St George's Church Harvest Lunch

Sun 6th Oct, 12:30pm

Click for details

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