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Vicars letter

December 2021

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Christmas cheer behind the mask

Last month I wrote about the joy of some normal things returning. We hope, of course, that this will continue, as we have some lovely normal things planned this coming month at St George’s Church and around the village to mark and celebrate Christmas together. I dearly hope and pray that many of these things that we have missed will go ahead as usual this year.

We do, of course, have to be careful because (as we keep being reminded), the virus has not gone away. We are now living in this strange and often confusing time when many things have returned to normal but Covid infection rates are very high. I am aware of more people right now who have tested positive for Covid than I was throughout last year. So, the issue is still there, but so too is the need (and the want) to get back to some normal things.

For our church and the community, these normal things include: the Advent carol service (Advent Sunday is the 28 November); the switching on of the star on the church; the carol services for various local schools at church; ‘Carols in the Café’ for the shop volunteers; the candlelit parish carol service; the Toddler Group Christmas event; the crib service; the ‘midnight’ service; and the Christmas Day services. All these things we dearly hope will go ahead. Cast your mind back 12 months, though; do you remember the disappointment (and upheaval) of the last-minute cancellation of so many Christmas events and the imposed travel restrictions? I sincerely hope we do not have to go through that again.

One thing that we have decided still cannot go ahead this year - regrettably - is the village lunch in the Memorial Hall on Christmas Day. Those it is predominately for are, in many cases, in a vulnerable category themselves, so, we see this as too big a risk. However, if you are going to be alone on Christmas Day, and would like a visit, give me a call and we will see what we can arrange.

In order to ensure that we, as a village community, can join together in the annual events and services (that perhaps in the past we have taken for granted) and in order to be able to go ahead with these things, then we may each need to take responsibility now to reduce the spread of the virus locally. Perhaps for the next month there is a benefit for all of us in respecting social distance once more; of wearing face coverings once more in confined spaces; and to continue to respect the wishes of others - who, for all we know, may have unseen vulnerabilities. It is all about respect and valuing everyone in our community.

If I see you before Christmas, it may well be behind a face covering; but there will be a smile behind the mask, and also a wish that you are able to enjoy a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas.

God bless.

Revd David Commander, Rector

T: 01580 240658 E:


During Coronavirus period please check with organiser

Edwardian Christmas at Scotney Castle

Sat 27th Nov to Thu 23rd Dec

Step back in time this Christmas
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Beacon Field wild meadow

Thu 2nd Dec, 11am

You can help create the future meadow
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Benenden Primary School Christmas Market

Fri 3rd Dec, 3:30pm

Lots of festive goodies and fun
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Christmas Fair with Santa's Grotto

Sat 4th Dec, 2:30pm

Benenden Pre-School Fundraiser
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Wines from the Rhone

Sat 11th Dec, 7pm

8 wines from top producers+regional food
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Parish Council Meeting

Mon 13th Dec, 7pm

The village democratic processes
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Merry and Bright Christmas Party

Tue 14th Dec, 2pm

Celebrate with friends
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Christmas Quiz

Sat 18th Dec, 8:15pm

Come and try your luck
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Preparing St Georges .....

Mon 20th Dec, 9:30am

.... for Christmas
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Christmas Village Lunch

Tue 21st Dec, 12:30pm

Come and join local friends
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Parish Carol Service

Tue 21st Dec, 7:30pm

By candlelight
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